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The Secret Behind A Successful Production

Theatron manages productions, stages and rehearsal rooms, actors and technical personnel, scheduling of shows and rehearsals as well as working hours and much much more.

The built-in conflict control feature makes sure that the user does not need to double check for duplicates in planned work shifts. It will automatically tell whether an actor or technical person is available for a spesific rehearsal or whether a certain stage or rehearsal room is taken.

Theatron is designed to make the production planning as efficient and easy as possible.

Theatron takes also into account the additional planning needs of touring theatres. With Theatron it is possible to manage also events outside the theatres' own facilities and make a more detailed touring plan for these shows.

Watch a short Theatron introduction video here.

We are piloting Theatron version for venues. Contact us if you want to know more about it!

Theatron integrates seamlessly into our Intranet platform, which enables the theatre personnel to see their own planned work hours anywhere; what is going on in the theatre, where and when. The working hours lists, planned rehearsals and holidays are all in the Intranet and can be viewed or downloaded by the personnel themselves. Users can check their work schedules and check and approve working hours from anywhere with their smartphones and/or tablets.

The Intranet delivers a comprehensive set of tools for the theatre to streamline their daily operations as well as provide a centralized way of sharing information within the whole organisation.

Reports provide vital information both to the employees and the management.

Theatron has a comprehensive set of default reports available and we can also produce tailor made reports by request. If the information is in Theatron it can be exported into a report with the required dependencies and layout. All exported reports can be viewed and downloaded from the Intranet.

Both Theatron and our Intranet integrate seamlessly into payroll, human resources, access control, Info-TV and other systems that are vital for the theatres' daily operations.

Typically Theatron is integrated into the existing payroll system, which makes it possible to plan the working hours in Theatron, check and approve the hours in the Intranet and then send the information automatically into the payroll system. Theatron can also be integrated for example into Microsoft Exchange, Google Calendars and Microsoft Active Directory.

Both Theatron and Intranet are browser based, i.e. used with a standard Internet browser. Nothing needs to be installed in the customer's environment. Both PC and Mac environments are supported as well as various tablets and smartphones.

We take care of the backups and any necessary updates for the server environments, so our customers can concentrate on making theatre.

Customer service and technical support is included as standard in our contracts. Our customers can choose their preferred service level in our Service Level Agreements. We also provide training services for our customers.

Theatron has been developed for over ten years together with theatres, making it a complete solution for any size or type theatre.

Development continues every day with the new ideas and needs from our customers.

Mansoft is a preferred IT solutions partner for theatres in the Nordics.

Theatron has its roots in a production planning software which was originally created for the Finnish National Opera in 2005. The theatre version followed shortly afterwards, in 2006, as it was initially developed for the Finnish National Theatre.

Currently Mansoft serves more than 35 theatres in 6 different countries and keeps winning new customers with its well received solution. Through close collaboration with its theatre customers, Mansoft is able to develop Theatron services further year after year.

Mansoft was established in 1993 and is based in Turku, Finland.