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Theatron References and testimonials

Theatron is the leading production planning solution for theatres in the Nordics, currently expanding in Europe, USA and Russia.

Turku City Theatre

 Jere Pensikkala, Administration Manager from Turku City Theatre gives insights on their experiences and the daily usage of Theatron & Intranet.

Åbo Svenska Teater

Åbo Svenska Teater has a long history with Theatron and Mansoft. Maria Olin, Press and Communications Officer from ÅST shares their experiences about working with Theatron and Mansoft.


Finnish National Theatre 

Theatron was initially developed by Mansoft for the Finnish National Theatre in 2005, but also to answer the needs of any theater. As Tapani Kukkola from the Finnish National Theatre explains:

“When we started using Theatron, we decided to concentrate all our data in one place: stages, schedules, staff and productions. After the initial data input, it was easy to create different reports for different departments, as well as for our organization’s intranet. It has also made it easy to send out schedules for the needs of visiting artists and other colleagues outside our own staff”.

Päivi Isosaari is the administrative director of Finnish National Theatre and a member of the executive group. She comments: “Theatron helps us to maintain our position as the most important meeting place within the Finnish theatre scene. We want to make productions that matter, art that reflects our society. We can focus on our goals with confidence, knowing that Theatron is there to support us behind the scenes. We can definitely recommend it to other theatres”.

Read the whole Customer Success Story about Theatron & Finnish National Theatre  or  Download the Customer Success Story as a PDF.


Testimonials from our valued customers

Hålogaland Teater Norway

Hålogaland Teater Norway 

“Hålogaland Teater has been looking for a suitable tool to plan the theaters’ productions for quite a while. We are in need of a system that is intuitive and easy to use. After having tested the system, we have found that Theatron fulfils our needs. It provides us with the necessary tools for planning, as well as an intranet for communicating all relevant information. We look forward to adopting Theatron and present it to our staff and guests”, comments Birgitte Warvik Rørtveit, Head of planning at the Hålogaland Teater.


Gothenburg City Theatre Sweden 

“Theatron is specially developed for the work of a theatre. We will be able to integrate and communicate the planning of rehearsals, shows and work times in a way that will immensely simplify the work of our productions. We feel very confident that this is a good tool that will be greatly useful to us”, says Tekla Olsson Brookes, producer at the Gothenburg City Theatre.



Lahti City Theatre

Lahti City Theatre Finland 

"We chose Theatron because we found Mansoft to be a partner who has special knowledge of theatre world and because they have proven commitment for developing Theatron further. Theatron also has features such as flexible planning of rehearsals, shows and work times, which we found very useful" comments Kimmo Ryynänen, administrative director at Lahti City Theatre Finland.



National Theatre of Iceland

"The National Theatre of Iceland has been searching some time for a suitable software for planning of the theater‘s productions, all events and work times. With Theatron specially developed for theatres we are confident that this is the tool we have been looking for. Additionally the intranet will make it easier to communicate all important information to all our staff in a way we are sure will be a great change and will in a way bring people closer together, as if we were all working in the same room", comments Tinna Lind Gunnarsdóttir from National Theatre of Iceland.


Ugala Theatre Estonia

“We have to use various temporary places and locations while our own building is being renovated. This creates additional challenges for production planning, but especially it will effect on how we are able to contact everyone in our theatre company regarding where they should be and when. With Theatron we are able to not only plan our schedules more effectively, but with the Intranet solution all our employees have the access to show and rehearsal timetables, work schedules etc that are always up to date. The great thing is that this can be done even with a mobile phone from anywhere,” comments Kristiina Alliksaar Executive Director for Ugala Theatre.


Norrbottensteatern Sweden

“Norrbottensteatern is excited to start working with Theatron, a program which through its ease of use and clarity will make our planning easier. We also believe that sharing information and schedules across our staff will be immensely facilitated by the tools provided by Theatron and the Intranet”, comments Hans Eriksson - Producer from Norrbottensteatern.



Haugesund Theatre Norway 

"The theatre has its facilities in Haugesund Norway, but employees are working from various cities across Norway on a project basis. This creates a challenge for the coordination of people, facilities and time plus sharing this information across the whole organisation. We chose Theatron because we trust that Theatron & Intranet will answer our needs to tackle this challenge. To have one place with always up-to-date information accessible from anywhere with your mobile phone is important for us. With few employees and a lot of productions we trust that Theatron will make this planning and coordination work easier for us", says Artistic and General Manager Erik Schøyen from Haugesund


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Customer references

Finnish National Theatre, Finland Svenska Teatern, Finland Kouvola Theatre, Finland Wasa Teater, Finland Kotka City Theatre, Finland

Lappeenranta City Theatre, Finland Vaasa City Theatre, Finland  Turku City Theatre, Finland Tampere Theatre, Finland  Folkteatern Göteborg, Sweden 

Åbo Svenska Teater, Finland Regionteater Väst, Sweden  Helsinki City Theatre, Finland Ugala Teater, Estonia Carte Blanche, Norway 

Gothenburg City Theatre, Sweden  Hämeenlinna City Theatre, Finland Backa Teater, Sweden  Teatret Vårt, Norway Oslo Nye Teater, Norway

Haugesund Teater, Norway Hålogaland Teater, Norway  National Theatre of Iceland, Iceland  Teater Manu, Norway Nordland Teater, Norway

Reykjavik City Theatre, Iceland  Brageteatret, Norway  Norrbottensteatern, Sweden Trøndelag Teater, Norway Akershus Teater, Norway

Espoo City Theatre, Finland Teater Halland, Sweden Aarhus Teater, Denmark Den Nationale Scene, Norway Riihimäki Theatre, Finland

Rogaland Teater, Norway Hordaland Teater, Norway Masterskaya Theatre, Russia Lahti City Theatre, Finland